Our REBUILD REFRESH RENEW capital campaign has been on the move!  

While our current church building stood up to its 60 years well, it is in need of several upgrades.  From the aesthetics to the seating, sound system to liturgical furnishings, handicap accessibility to better lit parking, more and better bathrooms to better welcome spaces … we have determined it’s time to bring our beloved St. Margaret Mary Church and School into the 20th Century.
In late 2016 we did feasibility studies and held open parish meetings and interviews.  In late 2017 we had the first phase of our $4 million appeal … and now stand at $3.2 million already given or pledged.  We are well on our way!!

Total Goal – $4,000,000.00
Total amount Pledged – $3,230,308.37
Other money received – $20,424.26


1. Small church bathrooms received better fixtures, wall and hardware.  Eventual coded push-button security for after-hours’ use is on the way.  But before this modest improvement we needed to repair significant roof leaks, which were traced to the top of the building where fir needles created small dams that backed up water under the tiles.  So … spent to lower the trees $8,000+.  Spent to remove  roof tiles, inspect and repair roof and replace tiles: $30,000+.  Cost to upgrade small bathrooms:   negligible because of great volunteers! — less than $10,000

2. Our strategy is to do the bulk of the school projects first:  they will be done by the end of the summer.  Projected cost:  $600,000+

Projects of this size feel like they take forever, and are soooo expensive… but worth it, since we aim to ensure  a vibrant Catholic presence her for decades to come.


Our donor list is large, but a large number of parish families have yet to enroll in the RRR campaign.  The Continuation Committee is planning a second appeal, coming shortly.


If you have some special connection with St. Margaret Mary and are interested in supporting this effort, you can give online by clicking here or leave your name at the parish office (909) 591-7400, so a campaign representative will get back to you.

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What the $4 million is for:
  • Many more restrooms, some for handicapped
  • Well lit and re-sealed parking lots
  • More welcoming spaces at the doors, with better landscaping
  • Renovated church interior, noble baptismal font, better furnishings, better liturgical arrangement, better wall surfaces, excellent sound and light and air-conditioning
  • New and better secured school entrance
  • Redo antiquated school wiring to accommodate new technology room
  • A tithe ($350,000) of what we raise given to the poor.
You can read our informational brochure by calling the parish office for a copy at (909)591-7400.