Holy Orders

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Contact: Any of the parish priests
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What is Holy Orders?

Our Catholic Church ordains certain men (by the imposition of a bishop’s hands) to be leaders of liturgical prayer, examples of service and administrators – – deacons, priests, and bishops.

What difference can it make?

In the Catholic tradition people do not choose the Sacrament of Holy Orders for themselves; they are called to it by God.   If this is your calling you cannot find a happier life for yourself.  A special ordination is placed upon you, and from that moment your soul receives a re-configuration towards your ministry.

What is the next step?

Contact one of our parish priests for a conversation, or get in touch directly with the Diocesan Director of Deacons or Seminarians.  The call to the diaconate is more oriented to social service and preaching, and married people may apply.  The priesthood is more oriented towards liturgical prayer leadership and parish work … and is currently only open to single men.