Called and Gifted

We are  LGBTQ +, we are Catholics, we are baptized, we are members of the family of St. Margaret Mary’s seeking a friendship with our Lord Jesus Christ, Fellowship with our brothers and sisters, peace and unity for the Body of Christ of which we are a part of. We promote Love, Hope, Respect, Simplicity, Sincerity and emphasize the inherent dignity of all persons. Because all have been made worthy by His Sacrifice, and all have been called to belong;

We strive to provide a safe space for dialogue, growth, learning, and faith sharing. We welcome all who would like to follow our friend Jesus by the hand of our mother Mary, guidance of the Holy Spirit, and love of God our Father to love and serve each other with the talents and gifts bestowed upon us by the Holy Spirit. We are gifted and called. All are welcome, all belong.