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What is the Sacrament of Matrimony?

Catholics believe a committed life-long love between a man and woman is so holy it comes directly from God …  and that this love should be brought to the Church so we can publicly thank God for it and ask God to bless it.  The sacrament itself is two people living as one and forming a Christian family: a “domestic Church.”  The ceremony that initiates it consists of a public exchange of vows and a blessing.

What difference can it make?

What a Catholic sacramental ceremony can add to the love of the couple is a public venue for recognizing the love and thanking God for it … and the support of the community in asking God to protect and deepen it.  Practicing Catholics have an obligation to bring their special love to God for this blessing.

What’s my next step?

At least six month before your proposed ceremony date, you should make contact with the parish office to set up an appointment with the priest.  Call the office at (909) 591-7400 to make an appointment.