Baptism for adults or older children:
Contact:  Nellie Davison
Coordinator of Faith Formation
Phone: 909-591-7400  ext. 231

Parents seeking baptism for infants:
Contact:  Gabriela Gilbert
Office Coordinator
Phone: 909-591-7400  ext. 226

Are you asking for baptism for your child?

WE ARE SO GLAD YOU WANT TO HAVE A CHILD BAPTIZED!  When parents seek baptism for their children, they are saying their faith is something that they treasure and want to pass on.

In Baptism we are adopted in Christ’s body, the Church, and given the power to call God our Father by the Holy Spirit living inside us.

For information about what the church asks of parents and godparents — along with guidelines and a checklist — please come by the parish office for a brochure of explanation.  If you are considering signing up for baptism at our parish, remember to bring the child’s birth certificate. 

For a preview of the brochure please refer to the following documents:

English Forms:

Baptism Registration Form (English)

Baptism Booklet (English)

Spanish Forms:

Baptism Registration Form (Spanish)

Baptism Booklet (Spanish)


Baptismal Videos:

Video #1 – English

Video #2 – English

Video #3 – English