Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC)

Mission Statement:  To share the Body and Blood of Christ — and His Love — at our parish liturgies.


Please view our contact list to get more information:
Contact List



  1. Arrive EARLY to sign in and prepare yourself spiritually.
  2. During sign of peace, go to sacristy and cleanse your hands; check your position and location.
  3. Line up: Chalices first, “E” through “A”, with purificators… and then ciboria (for Body of Christ)
  4. Process out as Priest drinks from the chalice, bow and proceed to back & side of altar.
  5. Receive communion.  Once priest has gone to his distribution place, go to yours.   (“4” and “D” give communion to musicians and elderly on side as needed. “E” goes with MC out to the other elderly in the assembly, and also up to the choir loft (ushers will escort you). “3” and “A”  should serve the front row and the chapel before proceeding to their respective spots.
  6. After Communion: Consume remaining Precious Blood and put all chalices and ciboria on altar and go to your places.  (No need to wait for other ministers.)
  7. After Mass, take vessels from credence table to sacristy, cleanse them and return them to their places.  Put used purificators in basket and assist in clean up.

The Coordinator of the EMHC is Peggy Campbell. If you are interested in joining the ministry, or require further information, please contact her at the above methods or contact the parish office at (909)591-7400.