First Communion Workshop

Dear Parents,

Welcome! We are excited about your son or daughter’s First Eucharist. What an exciting time for your family as you help your child prepare to receive their first Holy Communion. This is such a profound and important step in your child’s faith journey.

First, the religious education office encourages you to be involved. Though each student has a “teacher” or “catechist,” the true catechesis, or “faith sharing” takes place in your home. There are so many opportunities and ways for you to be apart of your child’s faith development this year, especially as we near the reception of the Sacrament.

Some ideas include praying with and for your child, and your family. This is a special year for everyone in the family. Consider lighting a special candle at certain points leading up to and after the special day to pray for your child. Take time to do the activities in the first communion packet, making it a special day with your child, maybe even a special meal to celebrate.

Second, please watch the following videos with your child. This special time of preparation as a family will make a lasting impression and these videos will give you some imagery of what’s to come.

Lastly, know that we are praying for you and are excited to share in this special time with your family. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us and we will do our best to accommodate.

Nancy’s Introduction / Banner Instructions

First Communion – Video 1

First Communion – Video 2