Confirmation Year 2 Retreat


Retreat Schedule and Days:  

Day 1:  Our first day of retreat is scheduled for Saturday, December 11th at the Santiago retreat center in Silverado, CA.  We will depart the church by bus at 7:30am on Saturday.  All students should arrive by 7:15am.  Please make sure to eat breakfast before your arrival as food will only be provided for lunch and dinner at the retreat site.  The busses will return on Saturday, December 11th at 10:45pm.  Please be ready to pick up your teen at this time. 

Day 2:  To complete our retreat, we are asking students to return to St. Margaret Mary on Sunday, December 12th at 4:45pm for the 5:00pm evening Mass at our parish.  After Mass we will conclude the retreat with dinner and activities in the youth center.  The retreat will officially end at 8:00pm on Sunday, December 12th.

Permission Slip:

Please follow the instructions via the link to fill out the camps online permission slip.

Cost to Register:  

Turn in your permission slip with cash or check for $100 to the religious education department before Tuesday, November 30th, 2021.

Please note: If you have already paid in full and it is more than our new price, then we will credit your account for next year’s registration.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are parents required to do anything?  (PLEASE READ)

Yes, we ask every parent to bring a snack for a small group of 6-8 people.  Also, we ask parents to write a letter of encouragement to their teen.  This can be a card or letter sharing your love for your teen. Lastly, on the day of departure we ask all parents to stay for a brief prayer session in the Sacred Heart building before the teens leave.

What students should bring:

Students, please dress warmly, include a jacket and warm clothes.  We will be indoors and outdoors with the option to play sports, so an extra pair of shoes or athletic clothing might be useful.  We are also asking students to bring snacks that can feed up to 5 people.  This snack will be collected by the food team when the teen is dropped off and will be handed out during the retreat.

What students should not bring:

Mp3 players, cell phones, video games, DVD players, electronic devices. (We can make it through a day without this stuff). Actually we want to make sure we all get a chance to get to know each other on the bus and during the retreat. Don’t worry; music will be a big part of our weekend!

What are the dates?

Second Year Confirmation Students:  Retreat Dates (December 11th and 12th 2021)

Do I have to go on a retreat?  

Yes, the church considers it to be a vital part of the overall confirmation process. Plus, it is a very wonderful experience that will have a positive effect on the students who attend.   In addition, it is a requirement of the diocese, so all students are encouraged to attend. 

Less than 24 hours?

Yes, because of Covid, our retreat this year will be divided into two separate days with no overnight accomodations.  We will depart Saturday, December 11th, return home and then ask students to return on Sunday, December 12th for the 5pm Mass and closing activities in the youth center until 8:00pm.   Please consider this a very important experience for your teen.  We ask students to attend the whole retreat, with no late arrivals, early departures, or leaving during portions of it.  This is a process that builds upon each moment from arrival to departure, and this format is gives the best opportunity for your teen to grow in their faith. 

What is the retreat center like?

Santiago retreat center is designed specifically for teen retreats.  There is an open activity area, an outside field, a cafeteria, a conference room and a chapel.  The safety of the students is a top priority.

What do we do?

The retreat is a highly structured process of active learning experiences, large and small group discussions, ice breakers, Mass, and individual time to think about our connection to God.   We will focus on receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation and what that means for our lives.  It will be an exciting and fun experience. 

What happens if I absolutely can’t attend?

If these dates absolutely cannot be worked out, please talk with Joe, the confirmation coordinator, about attending another retreat weekend with another parish.  Please do this as early as possible in the year because the student will still be required to attend a retreat.

What should I write in the parent letter?

Parents or guardians, in addition to siblings or close loved ones, are encouraged to write a letter of love, support and affirmation for your teen who is attending the retreat.  In our busy lives it is easy to overlook the necessity of telling children how much we care for them.  This letter will be given to them at retreat and it plays a large part of the retreat experience.  This letter is often the highlight of their weekend.  Please ensure that we receive this letter no later than November 30, 2021.  All letters can be dropped off at the religious education department.

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