Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC)

Coordinator: Peggy Campbell

Contact:  (909) 947-2574 or mompcampbell@gmail.com

The Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, more commonly referred to as EMHC’s, are a special ministry that assists the priest with the distribution of Holy Communion.  They are asked to attend a training given by the Diocese and agree to ongoing training at the church.  They are scheduled to serve at masses on a monthly calendar.

The GIRM describes the function and reason for EMHC. It states, in the distribution of Communion, the Priest may be assisted by other Priests who are present or the Priest may call upon extraordinary ministers.  In our church, EMHC are used at every celebration of a mass. In the case of necessity, the priest may call upon anyone to assist for a single occasion.

Ministers are taught that they do not approach the altar before the Priest receives Communion, and they are always to receive from the hands of the Celebrant. They are to be given a vessel to go forward and assist. They are never to pick up their own vessel.

The Coordinator of the EMHC is Peggy Campbell. If you are interested in joining the ministry, or require further information, please contact her at the above methods or contact the parish office at (909)591-7400.